Banner Printing

Most banners are printed by large and grand format digital printers. These offer many printing solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. This process is ideal for banner advertising, trade show booth graphics, retail point of purchase displays, custom printed window clings and more.

Three things we need to know to provide you with the best banner solution:

- Where you are going to hang it?
- How long you need it to last?
- What’s your budget?

For example, if you want a 1-sided, six-foot square banner for interior use then our next question is how are you installing it? Then where, exactly, are you placing it indoors? If it’s in front or near a window where a lot of natural light can shine through then the banner material we'd suggest is a block-out banner vinyl or maybe even a fabric.

We print on all kinds of fabric: canvas, satin, polyester, sheer, knits, etc. Along with the printing processes used to print on fabric we can help you decide when it’s best to spend the extra money to have a fabric banner and when it’s best to just buy a vinyl banner.


Not All Banner Vinyl is Created Equal

Vinyl banners have what is called “scrim.” These are the polyester mesh fibers, or threads, that are embedded into the vinyl. The threads provide added strength to the vinyl material. Exterior banners need to be stronger and more durable than interior banners due to weather conditions. Therefore, you will notice that most banner vinyl used for interiors are very smooth because they probably have less thread count or scrim. This allows for a smoother, nicer print surface for viewing, since interior banners are usually viewed up close. And the threads do not need to be abundant in the vinyl as there are no outside weather forces that will affect the integrity of the banner.


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What our customers have to say...

"Bree Plude was referred to me several years ago by Consumer Electronic Show (CES), as a vendor who could provide a good product, great service and fair pricing. We usually advertise at this event by purchasing spaces outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center which allows us to hang twenty large banners that are double-sided. The first year we worked with Bree, her company not only produced the banners, but also designed them. Since then we have hired a design company to do the artwork, but we still call on Bree to have our banners produced. She works hand-in-hand with a representative from CES and my design company which makes my job a little easier. She also provides another service which we are not charged for...she will attend the event to make sure that our banners arrive on-time and we are happy with the final product. It's comforting to know that should something ever go wrong with our banners at the event, Bree will be there to take care of it for us. It's one less thing I have to worry about during a busy time."

Maria Repole
Senior Manager,
Public Relations and Corporate Events Marketing Communications